Quick snacks(included tax)

Appetizer(included tax)

Salad(included tax)

Soup(included tax)

Noodle(included tax)

Vegetables (included tax)

Rice(included tax)

Desserts(included tax)

Omi beef yakiniku (included tax)

Offal(included tax)

Seafood and others(included tax)

Drinks(included tax)

Non- alcoholic drinks(included tax)

Wine(included tax)

Glass wine

Shochu(included tax)

Potato shochu

Wheat shochu

Soft drink(included tax)

Nomihodai plan  2,200yen(included tax)
All-you- can-drink is limited to 120 minutes.(Final start 19:30)Nomihodai plan only can use for the people take food course.


Non- alcoholic drinks

Soft drink


Glass wine


4,500yen (included tax) course


5,500yen (included tax) course

Appetizer・Tongue・Prime loin・Rare cuts・Brisket・Lean・Offal・Pork・Seafood・Sausage・Vegetables・Rice

Manpuku course:6,600yen (included tax)

Appetizer・Omi beef dish・Tongue・Prime loin・Prime brisket・Prime lean・Rare cuts・Offal・Pork・Seafood・Thick sliced bacon・Sausage・Vegetables・Rice

Omi beef course:6,600yen (included tax)

Appetizer・Omi beef dish・Thick sliced tongue・Rare cuts (3 kinds)・Rib loin diced stakes or loin shabu-shabu (ponzu with grated radish)・Offal・Vegetables・Rice
(Choose either Rib loin diced stakes or loin shabu-shabu.)

Nomihodai plan (All-you- can-drink is limited to 120 minutes.) 2,200yen (included tax)

※ 7:30 p.m is the limit to start the course.
※ Nomihodai plan only can use for the people take food course.

set drink +220yen(included tax)

Coffee (hot/ice)・Black tea (hot/ice)・Oolong tea・Orange juice

  • 近江牛すき焼き御膳Sukiyaki gozen (with Omi beef)
  • ローストビーフ丼Roast beef bowl
  • 近江牛 牛めし御膳Omi beef bowl gozen
  • 近江牛御膳(特上)Omi beef gozen
  • 牛ひつまぶし御膳Omi beef hitsumabushi gozen


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